Let me tell you an age old story.

Once upon a time, there was this group of Pappus. A group of people, who were politically, financially, physically and technologically powerful. Extremely powerful. They created rules and punished others who broke their rules.

Then there were these Maamus, who never accepted the Pappus and their power. The Maamus went on to create their own rules and ignored the Pappus.

Pappus and Maamus gradually became enemies over their fight for power.

Then came the Keedas, who were religiously inclined. They juggled their allegiance between Pappus and Maamus, wherever they found support for their skewed religious extremist ideologies.

As time progressed, the Pappus declined to spend time with the Keedas, as they were too busy overpowering Maamus to become more and more powerful.

Enemy’s enemy is a friend. So the Keedas found a new reliable friend in Maamus, who were looking for partnership to turn against the Pappus. In the process, the Maamus became more and more religiously polarized due to the Keedas.

Not lately, a group was formed within the Maamus, who didn’t approve of the Keedas and their beliefs. They formed the Kichads. However, the Keedas, with the help of the Maamus, curbed the Kichads.

Meanwhile, the Pappus identified the huge wealth generating resources in the possession of Maamus. They realized this could be a serious threat for their supremacy. Seeking the right opportunity, in the pretext of protecting the Kichads, Pappus invaded the Maamu land.

Maamus fell flat on their tummy, lost to the power of the Pappus.

In the process, a lot of Maamus, Keedas and Kichads were killed.

The anger and frustration of Maamus and Keedas multiplied.

Some Kichads migrated to the Pappu land. Some others, angered by the way the Pappus killed their near and dear, joined a hurt, but alive Keedas and Maamus.

Pappus who broke their own rules, abandoned the Maamu land and returned home after a killing spree. They carried with them a lot of wealth from the Maamu land which was always their primary goal. Along with the wealth, they also brought home manifold hatred from the Mammus, Keedas and Kichads.

The land of Maamus were left to poverty, anarchy and further Keeda extremism. The hurt and alive Keedas, Maamus and Kichads together formed a group of Gaandus.

The Pappus self-proclaimed themselves as Gods in their own respect. The creator of rules, had no one to punish them for their act of carnage at the Maamu land.

The sole purpose of the Gaandu’s life became revenge. Revenge against the Pappus. They planted a religious angle on it. They trained themselves to be merciless, ruthless, cruel and unforgiving against the Pappus. They planned thoroughly, to enter the Pappu land and carry out revenge attacks against every Pappu they could find, and in the process, to even lay down their own life.

More and more Maamus, Keedas and hurt Kichads, supported and funded the Gaandu’s mission for revenge.

Meanwhile, the Gaandus who started to feel on top of the world, started to dominate the Maamus. They twisted the Kichad’s religious ideologies to their benefit. And finally, launched a mission to replace the Maamu land containing Keedas with a Gaandu land containing Gaandus.

The Maamus, who started getting hit by the Gaandus, started to cry foul.

The Pappus who were also hit by the Gaandus joined the cry.

The Keedas disowned the Gaandus.


So that leaves us with one question. Who created the Gaandus?

WE! I say we!

Because we, we let the Pappus be Pappus!

We let the Maamus support Keedas!

We tolerated the Keeda’s ideologies!

We remained silent when the Papppus attacked Maamus!

Today Gaandu is a cancer. Our cancer. No Pappu, no Maamu and no Keeda has the right to complain about the Gaandus. Because they created the Gaandus. We created the Gaandus.

Tomorrow, Pappu will fiercely talk about humanitarian feelings. Maamus will invite Pappu to attack Gaandu in the Maamu land. All Pappus will unite and all Maamus will support each other to eradicate the current Gaandus. The day after tomorrow, a new Keeda will stand up, the Maamus will support the Keedas and the cycle will continue only to create a new set of Gaandus.

During the course of all the drama that unfolded, I shared various posts through my social media presence sometimes in anger, sometimes in frustration and sometimes in pity.

Today when I sit back and reflect on my act, I realize, when I shared a post in facebook/whatsapp or for that matter in any social media network, I am doing exactly what the Gaandus want me to do. I am being a puppet to their plans. When I flush out my anger towards the Gaandus by supporting a Pappu or a Maamu, the Keedas hurt by either of the two, feels sober for the Gaandus. The same concept of Enemy’s Enemy is a friend concept works in favour of the Gaandus. More and more Keedas join the Gaandu group. They expand!

Through this post, I solemnly promise, take an oath, not to share any material, any forwards, and any message which propagates hatred. Because I care for the world. I care for innocent people like me. I don’t care for the Pappus, neither the Maamus, not a bit for the Keedas and never for the Gaandus. My silence is my weapon. Weapon against the Gaandus.

– Deepak Warrier