Off late, I had stopped writing on socio-political issues. For, I felt, writing about the issue will only worsen it. However, today I feel, I need to speak out, on behalf of a larger set of people, I need to speak out, to represent the common man, the common man who comprise you and me.

Why are we all burning today? A minute, for god’s sake, let’s think logically.

There is a group of students from a university breaking the nation with their so called urge for freedom of expression. First of all, in India, we are not short of problems and miseries, which need far more emotional and physical attention of the governing authorities. Over throwing all the high priority issues, are a set of students, with a still smaller audience, somewhere in a trivial isolated part of a university in Delhi, saying something that only they relate to. How does it even matter? The way the media gave them focus was the first step gone wrong.

Coming back to their statements – who cares? Is my thoughts, or rather the thoughts of any logical Indian going to be affected by what these 20 odd year old kids say? Hell no! There is no way anything of these sort are going to define or re-define my patriotism or the lack of it, and I believe so for a vast majority of smart, intelligent, independent thinking men and women of this country. I close my windows tight every night just to ensure the barking of street dogs do not disturb my sleep.

Today it has come to a stage where I have to switch off my TV, stop using Facebook, stop reading forwards on Whatsapp, and stop talking to people in general, just to ensure that I don’t hear the reverberated voice of some stray dogs preaching about freedom of expression and patriotism. The very fact that we are wasting our time, discussing this is a big mistake. With all regret I admit I am wasting my time too, writing about this.

The media, some pseudo intellectual factions and some wannabe politicians are sensationalizing the whole episode to show that everything is not well in this country. To hell with you guys. In this country not everything is well, was not well and will never be well! That’s with every country. Not just ours. With the sheer size of people and an even diverse set of administrators, issues are bound to happen. Not everyone can be pleased. You are right. There are people getting raped. There are soldiers dying. There are capitalists guzzling our economy. There is no safety to human life. There is political instability. There is undeserved reservation. There is corruption. Anything bad that you can think of, we have it!

But our country has been like that since the time it has been around. On the other hand, there are a lot of positives which we ignore during such times. Our country is the most culturally accommodating, our country is economically growing, our country is bringing in foreign investments, our country is creating jobs, and our country is working on a lot of basics, a focus which never existed before. Loosing focus on the essentials to the absurd is an innate human nature, and it’s not your fault. It’s our collective fault.

While our country is slowly but steadily trying to grow out of a shell and attain a status it deserves, we find ourselves fighting among ourselves on a non-existent issue.

Coming back to the students of JNU. Will you please go back to your classes, study your lessons, travel the world and get yourself into a position from where you can talk about a country like India. Because, obviously, right now you have no idea what India is. Your thoughts are too small, biased, loaded with inferiority complex, self-centered, and stranded on some hardships you or your friends faced. You are too lost. You thoughts are negative. Your voice is too feeble to be heard. Your voice has no quality nor are you qualified. When you open your mouth and talk about freedom of expression, it leaves us a tickle. If you think that freedom of expression is about talking nonsensical things like wanting to debate about hanging of the terrorist Afzal Guru, or relentlessly chanting “India ki barbadi”, then I think it’s the failure of your teachers, who have stopped using their canes.

You don’t need the police, you just need some good teachers who can instill some sense into your brain. Give you a wider perception. Introduce you to the beautiful things in this country and not divert your attention to such radical, insane, senseless thoughts. And that is why I think JNU should be shut. Not because you students are stupid, which you already are, but for having stupid teachers, who fail to make you see the brighter side of life.

Jai hind.


Deepak Warrier is the author of “Blooming at Midnight“. He writes in general about political issues, reviews and opinions. The blog carries his independent, neutral, logical and un-biased thoughts.